Incorporation, Foreign Investment and Offshore Companies
Incorporation, Foreign Investment and Offshore Companies

This section provides the services regarding the establishment of all kinds of companies worldwide, including limited partnership companies, limited liability companies, public shareholding companies, foreign companies, and especially offshore companies.

We advise clients on all matters related to establishing companies, ranging from the best available choices and investment requirements in the concerned countries to labor issues and laws relevant to their work. After providing advice to our clients, we follow up on the procedures of incorporation by informing them on the investment incentives and exemptions. Moreover, we offer clients the services required after establishing companies, including any amendments of information relevant to the company or partners, merger and acquisition, changes in the type of the company, capital increase and decrease, and amortization of losses.

Our services also include submitting an annual balance sheet; procedural assistance in appointment and dismissal of the general director, Chairman and members of the board of directors; dissolving the companies; amending the articles and memoranda of association; and submitting official documents of impoundment and mortgage. The services further include issuing official documents to ministries, departments, governmental and non-governmental entities and preparing minutes of general assembly meetings.

We also offer services in the establishment of companies in free zones, as well as services relevant to the companies’ licenses, such as registering commercial agencies, obtaining an importation license, issuing a vocational license, registering with the Income Tax Department, the Sales Tax Department, chambers of commerce and industry, the Social Security Corporation, and other licensing or requirements existing in the concerned country.

Furthermore, we launch commercial establishments and enterprises on behalf of clients and draft business contracts and agreements, including partnership agreements, distribution and agency agreements, employment contracts. In addition, we act on behalf of clients in all kinds of litigations and alternative dispute resolutions pertaining to their businesses. We also represent clients in all procedures concerning bankruptcy and/or liquidation.