Abu-Ghazaleh Inaugurates Business Incubator at Petra University


  • Abu-Ghazaleh Inaugurates Business Incubator at Petra University

AMMAN - HE Senator Dr. Talal Abu-Ghazaleh patronized the inauguration of a Business Incubator at the University of Petra in the presence of University President Dr. Marwan Moullah, Chancellor of the University Dr. Adnan Badran, University Vice-President Dr. Mohammad Anani as well as deans of faculties and department managers.

During the opening ceremony at the Faculty of Administrative and Financial Sciences, students showcased their projects which varied from technological apps to knowledge-based projects providing technical services to individuals.

Dr. Abu-Ghazaleh also paid a visit to the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center at the Faculty of Information Technology.

He expressed his pride at the inventions on display and optimism for their contribution to Jordan's  transformation into a knowledge-based society, affirming the importance of turning such inventions into marketable products and noting that marketing one of these inventions into a saleable product could help solve many of Jordan’s financial problems.

He noted that Jordan will face a much brighter future under the leadership of HM King Abdullah II bin Al Hussein in accordance with his directives, as well as by paying attention to and investing in the youth while  recognizing  the significance of scientific research at universities.

 “We have established innovative project incubators at the Faculty of Information Technology several years ago and today we are celebrating the opening of the Business Incubator at the Faculty of Administrative and Financial Sciences. We named the Incubator “Al Siq” which inspires the spirit of the Nabatean culture and immortal innovation of the Nabatean artists who used the rock to express their vision and talent,” Dr. Moullah said.
“What we seek to achieve is to link students’ innovative projects in these incubators with businessmen and commercial sector to turn the innovative ideas into real projects that effectively contribute to development projects in the country,” Moullah added.

It’s worth mentioning that the Business Incubator established at the Faculty of Administrative and Financial Sciences aims at providing various services to entrepreneurs and start-ups in order for them to become a platform for the implementation of innovative investment-oriented projects which will enable students to become small and medium enterprise owners rather than job seekers.

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