2018 Legal Year in Review


  • 2018 Legal Year in Review
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Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Legal (TAG-Legal) has rounded up the top legal stories of 2018.

New Penal Code an Effort to Update Omani Judicial System: The promulgation of the new penal law came to update the legal system and develop legislations to ensure sustainable development in all fields. It provided appropriate punishment that meets the needs of general and private deterrence and ensures the interests of the society. It also met the needs to maintain public order and moral as well as safety of the individual property and souls.

Free Trademark Recordation at Dubai Economic Department: Dubai’s Department of Economic Development (DED) had a new online gateway for all brand owners to register their brand free of charge in their system to achieve the maximum control over the markets to manage the threat of counterfeiting goods.

Egypt Approved Consumer Protection Law: The Law aimed at ensuring the continuity and integrity of the economic activity, the prevention of monopoly, the protection of consumer rights, and endeavouring to make available the various products and services needed by consumers, and ensuring the safety and health of consumers upon using the products or availing from services. 

New Law on Incentives to Science, Technology and Innovation in Egypt: The new law allowed establishing science valleys and technology incubators by public and private Egyptian universities, as well as research centers affiliated with different Egyptian ministries.

New Amendments to Customs Law in Egypt: The amendments to the Customs Law stipulated that factories are required to provide monetary or bank guarantees, and to ban the disposal of imported goods, only after recourse to the Customs Authority, in order to reduce the smuggling operations and increase the applicable penalty.

UAE Issued New Arbitration Law: The new Arbitration Law adopted the UNCITRAL Model Law, thereby modernizing the current arbitration process and aligning the UAE arbitral framework with international standards. The law brought more certainty and confidence in arbitration as an effective means of dispute resolution in the UAE and in the wider MENA region.
TAG-Legal Contributed to the World Bank Reports on 'Doing Business 2018' and  'Doing Business 2019': As part of its efforts to enhance the regulatory business environment locally and internationally, Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Legal (TAG-Legal) participated in the World Bank’s Annual Doing Business Report which ranked economies around the globe based on their ease of doing business.

TAG-Legal has conducted as a regional contributor; surveys in Turkey, Kuwait, Lebanon, Egypt, KSA, Syria, Bahrain, Jordan, Qatar, Oman, Sudan, Tunisia, Cameron, Nigeria, Sri Lanka, West Bank & Gaza and the UAE through its operating offices in these countries; for which the World Bank has extended its gratitude and acknowledged the organization’s generous support of its research team.

Jordan Approved Bill Amending Income Tax Law: The new law aimed at addressing avoidance, tax evasion, improving tax administration, enhancing the voluntary commitment of taxpayers and expanding the tax base.
Amendments to the Japanese Intellectual Property Laws: The modification of patent, design and trademark laws entered into force in Japan on June 9, 2018. With minor amendments, the JPO optimized the intellectual property protection system in the country, making the registration procedures more efficient.

Vietnam Legislators Approved Cybersecurity Law: The National Assembly of Vietnam passed a cybersecurity law that affected the operations of global tech companies, such as Facebook and Google. The law required global tech 
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