Tunisia to Apply E-Filing System


  • Tunisia to Apply E-Filing System
  • Source : Tunisia to Apply E-Filing System


TUNIS – Following the meeting held between the Tunisian Office for Normalization and Industrial Property (INNORPI) and the main agents of patents and trademarks in Tunisia, the E-Filing system for trademarks and patents will be adopted in Tunisia.

In the meeting chaired by the General Manager of INNORPI, Ms. Amel Ben Farhat, and attended by mangers of Trademarks and Patents Office, it was decided that the employees of the agents will receive training on the new filing system.

It is expected that the new system will officially begin operation on January 2018 starting with trademarks.

The electronic filing system in Tunisia is expected to ensure timely receipt and processing of trademarks and patents applications, and will translate into significant efficiency gains for both the Trademarks Office and the agents.
Source: Agip.com 

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