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Address:Kafersoseh Villas Organization Zone-The Southern Highway

P.O.Box:31000, Damascus, Syrian Arab Republic

Tel:00963-11214 0160 / 00963-11214 0161

Fax:00963-11214 0164-62

Email: hbirz@gzt-ovtzo.xln

Contact Person: Ms. Deema Abu Zuleikha

Additional Information

Name: Syrian Arab Republic
Capital: Damascus
Location: It borders Lebanon and the Mediterranean Seat to the west,Turkey to the north,Iraq to the east,Jordan to the south and Palestine to the south west
Population: 22.530.746 people
Official Language: Arabic
Weekend Days: Friday & Saturday

Intellectual Property Laws and Regulations
Law No. 8 Regulating the provisions of trademarks, geographical indications and industrial designs and models
The Trademarks Rules

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