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United Arab Emirates

Abu Dhabi

Address:Global Tower, Sun & Sand Sports building, 3rd floor, flat No. 303 & 304

P.O.Box:4295, Abu-Dhabi, UAE

Tel:00971 02 6724425

Fax:00971 02 6723526

Email: zyfwszyr@gzt-ovtzo.xln

Contact Person: Mr.Osama Shabaan

Additional Information

Name: Abu Dhabi
Location: Abu Dhabi lies on a T-shaped island jutting into the Persian Gulf from the central western coast.
Population: 621,000 people
Official Language: Arabic
Weekend Days: Friday & Saturday

Intellectual Property Laws and Regulations
Federal Law NO(37) of (1992) Concerning Trademarks
The Industrial Regulations and Protection of Patents, Industrial Drawings and Designs
Publications and Publishing Law
Federal Law NO.(7) Amended by Law NO.(32) Regarding Copyright and Related Rights

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