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  • TAGI participates in the Annual FOF, IFAC meetings
  • http://media.tagorg.com/Upload/image/November2017/Talal%20Abu-Ghazaleh%20&%20Co.%20International%20participates%20in%20the%20Annual%20FOF%20IFAC%20meetings.jpeg NEW YORK- Talal Abu Ghazaleh International  participated in the Forum of Firms, FOF International Federation of Accountants (IFAC)  meetings which were held over three days at the end of ...


  • TAG Knowledge Forum Hosts "Mesh Mostaheel" Team
  • http://media.tagorg.com/Upload/image/November2017/Talal%20Abu-Ghazaleh%20knowledge%20Forum%20hosts%20Mesh%20Mostaheel%20TV%20program%20workshop.jpg Amman- TAG Knowledge Forum hosted the first and largest brainstorming program in the world known as the "Mesh Mostaheel Program” (not impossible in English). The program specializes in the ...
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